Agilent (Previously HP, Now Keysight) 34401A Multimeter

Great Device. Poor Software.

Posted by Sam Bartle on 8 Feb 2019

At work I use an Agilent 34401A Multimeter. It's a great device, with a serial RS232 output, which can be connected to a PC. The problem is the software for this is a nightmare (I'm sure it works better on newer Keysight branded models with USB)

The official download is Keysight BenchVue, which requires a seperate licence, and also doesnt seem to work. There is some talk of version 3.7 being a version that works and has a free multimeter mode, however I couldnt get that to work with the serial meter at all.

After some experimentation I have found a combination of Keysight/Agilent tools which do work fine and backed them up here for future use (Note: These files are Keysight's property and I am simply mirroring the working versions here to save myself hassle in the future)

IOSuite DMM Utility

For the price of one of these it really shouldnt be easier to get a £30 chinese meter software working, but there you go..