Samsung Gear 360

The Samsung Gear 360 is an affordable, high quality 360 camera, enabling you to record photos and video in full 360 degree surround vision.

For a few years now I've been taking photosphere images using my Google Nexus 5X phone and the inbuilt Android photosphere mode. One of the major limitations of that is that because of the number of photos required (~40) people and objects can easily move between photos, causing you to have people in the photosphere multiple times, whilst being missing an arm or a leg.. or having 2 heads because the stitching algorithm cant cope with that movement between all the shots, the Gear 360 attempts to solve this in a really simple way, it simply has 2 lenses each with a greater than 180 degree field of view, meaning it can take 2 shots simultaneously, then stitch them together in software to create a full 360 degree freeze frame of the motion at the time the picture is taken.

It works really well, so well in fact people don't seem to know how its doing it, and a question you will get asked is.. does it spin round on its own!

One huge downside is that the device's control application only works with a selection of Samsung branded Galaxy phones, phablets and tablets - and even then only the very latest models are supported. There are some clever people over on XDA Developers who have modified the APK to get it working on other devices on this thread on the forums.

Whilst this is amazing work, the app is terrible (no fault of the people on XDA - its terrible on supported Samsung phones too) luckily you can use the main features direct from the camera using its built in controls avoiding the need to deal with the app.