ASUS X50R       2015-04-07

*BIOS Battery Replacement*

HP Proliant ML115 G5       2015-04-23

Do you own an HP Proliant ML115? Looking for a bit more power than the official specifications say you can have? Want to play games on it, if so this is the post for you.

Open Word Documents in IE       2015-06-06

Have you ever wanted to do the opposite of everyone else and have a Microsoft Word document open directly inside Internet Explorer (in the Word ActiveX control), without the Open, Save, Cancel dialog box?

Windows Domain Administration       2014-08-07

I've recently setup a small Windows Server 2008 R2 domain for a non-profit. I made some notes as theres nothing really basic on the internet that skips the 90% of information you don't need, and concentrates on the 10% you do need.

SD Card Benchmarks      

Some quick benchmarks of SD Cards that are easily available in the UK. Most of these have been purchased from Amazon UK or All benchmarked with Crystal DiskMark

Sky Remote Tips      

If your remote is playing up, or some of the buttons have stopped working, it's easier just to buy a new one (plus it guarantees the latest codes are programmed in to work your TV, amplifier etc). You can buy a replacement here[]


This post will collect all the drivers I have that are tricky to find and that I see people asking about. Currently the only driver on here is for the ASUS USB 2.0 Image Capture Controller, which is a common webcam on ASUS Machines. The driver works on Windows 7, and could be modified for Windows 8.